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About CertLex

Your online legal cadastre with automatic change monitoring!

With CertLex you maintain your legal cadastre easily and target-oriented online. Together with experts, we create your site-specific profile, which is available to you at all times. You will find explanations of legal sources and can view the full text. Fully automated change monitoring not only reports changes to you, but also supplements them with recommendations for action, which you can copy directly into the integrated action plan. This ensures compliance and you always have proof to pass the ISO certification!

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Environmental Protection


Environmental Protection
Safety at work
Data privacy
Safety at work


When do I need CertLex?

Legal Compliance

It is necessary to identify and monitor all laws and guidelines that affect your company – no problem with CertLex! Our technical experts and lawyers monitor and explain approximately 2300 legal sources on a monthly basis.

ISO certification

Identify legal requirements, derive measures and document them comprehensibly for the certification process of ISO standards. With CertLex, the initial or re-certification audit is resource-saving and easy to carry out.

The advantages are obvious.

  • Completely safe: the tailor-made solution for you from thousands of legal sources!

  • Convenient, electronic administration accessible from anywhere.
  • Concrete recommendations for operational implementation.
  • Enormous time savings for your own employees.
  • For everyday operation: experts explain application-related!

Which product version do I need?

CertLex is available in the versions:
Find out which services are best for you!
By answering just five simple questions, you can see which CertLex level of performance fits your business.

Product advisor

Answer five simple questions in the product advisor and receive a recommendation for service package and available services.

Demonstration version

Convince yourself of the functionality and quality with a free and non-binding DEMO version.

Advisory service

Let one of our consultants introduce you to CertLex by phone or on your premises and get to know the advantages.

With CertLex the legal cadastre safe and easy to maintain online!

CertLex helps you to recognize the requirements of legal guidelines and to implement them for your company in practical measures. Legal cadastre: CertLex is Germany’s leading tool in the “complete” and expertly supported monitoring of legal requirements of European and national law. The CertLex team monitors and evaluates more than 2300 legal sources in the legal areas of environment, energy, occupational safety and data protection on a monthly basis! Click here to download the overview of our legal sources. Based on your individualized company profile, you will learn “precisely” whether and how you need to get active in your company.
CertLex is specially designed to meet this need and offers:
  • Site-specific compilation of legal sources by experts and lawyers
  • Ongoing and automated change monitoring
  • Explanations of legal sources and all changes
  • Recommendations for operational implementation
  • Integrated action plan for tracking and documentation

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