Fundamental requirements

Fundamental requirements – easy identification and administration of basic duties of the responsible person

With the provision of fundamental-requirements(see “Operator obligations”), CertLex offers you assistance in comprehensively identifying the requirements imposed on the person responsible in the company (e.g. operator of a plant).

The fundamental requirements are obligations to companies or their managers resulting from a legal source. These are derived from an existing legal source of the legal cadastre. Fundamental requirementsthus serve to identify operational needs for action that result directly from a legal source. They are based in particular, but not exclusively, on administrative offences and criminal offences.

In principle, the “fundamental requirements” are provided in a general form. This will provide you with orientation and assistance in identifying basic legal requirements. This gives you an overview of the main requirements, especially for those responsible for business operations. These fundamental requirements can be adopted, adapted to the operational conditions and managed in an action plan. This means that CertLex can support you in checking the site-specific requirements from the legal sources relevant to you.

The advantages of fundamental requirements:
  • Quick identification of the operational need for action.

  • Effective management of legal requirements.
  • Constant availability and simultaneous processing for employees.


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