Multi-Site-Solution – Convenient administration and support of several locations via one access!

In order to meet the requirements of ISO standards and achieve site-specific compliance, all sites must have their own legal register. So that you can use as many synergies as possible and avoid duplicate work, CertLex offers a Multi-Site-Solution.

You can conveniently manage all locations in parallel with only one login, but you can also always keep an eye on the individual location. With the integrated Compliance Cockpit, you always keep track of where support is needed.

The advantages of the multi-site solution:
  • Each site is assigned its own specific legal cadastre, which is clearly arranged in an entire cadastre.
  • Recommendations for action from changes can be assigned to several locations with a simple click.
  • The joint action plan allows simultaneous and joint tracking across all sites.
  • The Compliance Cockpit provides a graphical summary of changes, recommendations for action and degree of implementation at the sites.

Graphical overview in the Compliance Cockpit:

With the Compliance Cockpit, the employee responsible can obtain an overview of the status of processing and implementation of the legal sources assigned to the sites in just a few minutes. The Compliance Cockpit visualizes the implementation status. It thus significantly facilitates the establishment of compliance for group managers. Using the “Group measures” tool, orders can be distributed across locations and sent directly using the tool.


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